Name: 4WD RC Gimbal Car (Snail V590R) Desert camouflage color


Model: SK V590R


The SK V590R(Snail V590R) is compact and portable. It can set fixed speed, constant speed running and the speed are adjustable. It has dual mode: remote control and automatic driving with straight line. SY V590R can start and stop running smoothly, ultra low speed running, delayed shooting. Long running time: more than 4 hours. Low-speed car without noise.



*   Full metal material: high strength CNC 6061-T6 aluminum, steel gear.

Using humane and easy operate by remote control: 2.4G 12-Ch LCD Radio control with the maximum distance of 3.5 km.

*  Optional video wireless transmission system. With 5.8G digital signal and 1080 high-definition video, the maximum video transmission distance of 5 km.

*    Damping system:

-8pc Hydraulic shock absorbers independent system parts of the car are not deformed steel wire, shock resistance vibration absorption equilibrium.

*   The car professional features:

–  fixed speed, constant stable speed running and the speed are adjustable.

–  Dual mode: automatic driving and remote control.

–  Straight line running, start and stop running smoothly.

–  Ultra low speed running and delayed shooting.

–  No noise, the car is running for the silence level.

–  Gyroscope accelerated sensing, security lock, a key to start and stop.

*   Belt drive without noise.

*   Speed: <10 km / h

*   Suitable for Ronin-S/Ronin-SC/Ronin-MX/Ronin-M/Ronin Gimbal Car shooting animals.


Technical Parameters:

Car size: 589 * 520 * 223mm

Net Weight: 16kg.

Belt drive without noise.

Brushless Motor: 200W high power.

Car Battery: 36V, 2.6Ah 93.6Wh capacity lithium battery, ensure 4 hours of endurance time.

Steering system: 1*55KG Servo, 1*6V 4600mA battery to supply power.



Ply-wooden box:G.W: 33kg.  Size:71*57.5*30.5cm



Car Frame. 1 set

12 channel Remote control.   1pc

12 channel receiver.   2pc

Charger for the batteries . 2pc

Fixed adapter screw for the panoramic camera.  1pc

Spare screws for car.  numbers

Multi – function wrench. 1pc

Hexagon screwdriver. 1pc

Tire sleeve. 1pc



Ronin-S/Ronin-SC/Ronin-MX/Ronin-M/Ronin Gimbal Car, shooting animals. Desert camouflage color