Technical parameters of new four-wheel drive RC Gimbal Car:
Model: SY MX8
1. Vehicle weight and dimensions:
1) Vehicle weight: about 49kg(the car is 39kg, the riser is 10kg)
2) Dimensions: Car length: 950MM; Width: 638MM; Car height: 244MM; Car + lifting column without raising: 985MM; Car + lifting column raised: 1485MM; Wheelbase: 689MM; Wheelbase: 552MM; Chassis distance Ground height: 55MM; chassis platform width: 400MM.
2. Drive controller: high-power drive and control integrated control system
3. Drive motor: 48V, 800W high-power brushless motor.
4. Power battery: 48V, 10Ah large-capacity lithium battery to ensure long battery life; power display.
5. Steering system: 2*55kg ultra-large torque steering servo, front wheel Ackermann steering system.
6. Remote control system: 2.4G 12-channel LCD remote control.
7. Maximum load: The maximum load of the chassis is ≦50 kg, the maximum lift of the lifting column is ≦15 kg, and the control method is remote control.
8. Maximum speed: about 20km/h. When using it with a lifting column, it is recommended to limit the speed and reduce the speed to ensure safe driving.
9. Gimbal compatibility: The front and rear of the car platform and the top of the lifting column can be used with Ronin 4D, with reserved installation holes; replaceable connectors ensure versatility, and can be used with steel wire shock-absorbing platforms to meet low-angle shooting, and are suitable for most of three-axis stabilizers on the market, including: (all Freefly M series, all DJI RONIN series, all Tilta series), can also be used with the special bracket for the Saiya VR car V560 by replacing the connecting parts.
10. Suspension and shock-absorbing system: The entire vehicle has a hydraulic dual-shock independent suspension system, which can isolate and absorb balanced vibration resistance.
11. Tire style: Suitable for flat roads, off-road and other different terrains, with strong grip. Extra large pneumatic tires with diameters of 280mm and 320mm are optional.
Features: Electronic safety lock key, one-button power off; emergency stop switch; one-button switch for left and right LED light groups; with brake device, one-button braking.

Car accessories: 1 tool bag; 1 set of special charger for 48V power battery; 1 multi-function wrench, 1 small cross socket; 2 wheel nuts; 1 tire socket wrench; wheel nut anti-loosening One roll of tape; 1 set of high-strength small hexagonal screwdrivers; 1 set of spare screws.